lenght : 4.743 miles

The circuit of Ain-Diab is very fast and very dangerous for motor races, it is rather ideal for motorcycles or bicycles.
It is located at the west of Casablanca , along the coast, in the suburbs of middle class beside the rich district of Anfa (which had its circuit besides).

If one speaks about motor race in Morocco , this one was famous, and due: formulas 1 ran on it in 1958!

Before cars, cycle races took place.

below the starting line.

In 1952, the first motor race takes place on the circuit of Ain-Diab. It was designed the “12 hours of Casablanca ”. Pilots like Maurice Trintignant, Jean-Louis Rosier, and Charles Pozzi came in Morroco.
Ferrari, also, had especially made a car for this type of race in 1952, “Ferrari Mondial 500” . It took part in only two races, the Mille Miglia and the 12 hours of Casablanca .

Below the Ferrari Mondial 500.  

Below Mrs. Gilberte Thirion who did not finish the race with her Porsche 356.

The start of the race :

The standings of Casablanca 12 hour was:
1. Charles Pozzi - Lucien Vincent in 104,37 mph
2. Jean Lucas - Jacques Péron - 1 lap
3. George de Tudert - Robert Lacaze - 14 lap

In 1953 the 12 hours of Casablanca 1953 were gained by Giuseppe Farina and Piero Scotti, with the Ferrari 375 MM drawn by Sergio Pinin-Farina (in two words at that time).

Ferrari 375 MM :

The start of the 12 hourss of Casablanca in 1953 :

© Automobile Club des Deux-Sèvres
's private collection 

From 1954 to 1956, no races were organized in Ain-Diab. They were organized on the circuit of Agadir.

In 1957 the true history of the Grand Prix of Morocco started. Indeed, a race except championship was organized at the request of the FIA. It was a race intended to evaluate the layout and the organization of the RACM (Royal Car Club of Morocco).

Grand prix of Morocco 1957

In 1958, following the conclusive experiment of the previous year, the 2nd Grand Prix of Morocco will be organized and will be included in the world championship.

In this year 2005, no country in Africa - excepted South Africa - could renew this experience. One said “exploit” bus at this time, and even now, it was very complicated to organize a Formula 1 Grand Prix. Especially in a poor country like Morocco .
Every year there were same organizers: the ACF which organized its Grand Prix de France in Reims - most of the time -, Royal Car club of Belgium with its Grand Prix on the circuit of Spa-Francorchamps, Italy with Monza, the United States with its traditional “ 500 miles of Indianapolis” which counted for the World Championship, England with its Grand Prix which was held in Aintree or in Silverstone, the Grosser Preiss of Deutchland in the Nürburgring and, of course, the Grand Prix de Monaco.
With these circuits, the “challengers” who only wants to participate. During 1958 they were the circuits of Buenos Aires , Zandvoort (which continued thereafter), Porto and Ain-Diab.

The 1958 Grand Prix remained famous, due to an astonishing history which take place during the race. Considering the danger, a permanent show attracted spectators.

Grand prix of Morocco 1958
The 2 hours of Casablanca 1958

In 1959 the RACM renewed its candidature for a 3rd Grand Prix of Morocco. Unfortunately FIA refused, after the incidents of the previous year.

It was the end of the circuit of Ain-Diab.