Before beginning my long list of thanks, I dedicate this Web site to my father, without whom this would never arrive.

The made of this Web site was lasts, intricate and long for me, which I am now 15 years old. I arrived there, but with the aid of the following people:

Philippe and Frédéric Gardelle, Philippe Hugon, Gerard Desgrippes, Michel Meli, Sergio Loro, Robert Zeugin, Patrice Vatan, Stefan Magnusson, André Magri, Jean-Paul Hoerpfner, Stirling Moss, Paul Rampini, Olivier Boulestin, Michel Benchaya, Patrick Guilloux, Stéphane Volpi, René Schaal, Jean-Charles Galvez, Bertrand Ehret, Denis Vella, Pierre Fourton, Christian Magnanou, Bernard Thirion, Pierre le Nestour, Marie José Chaveca,  Danielle Anania, Madeleine Rouget, Michette Foucaud, my father, my grand mother, my grand father, my uncle and those which I forget want to forgive me well...

But there are especially these Web sites which I wish to thank particularly, for their kindness and also because they enabled me to complete this work:

Mémoires des stands : 
The official site of Sébastien Bourdais : 
The official site of the « oldies » from Casablanca : 
The “Oldies from les Roches Noires” district :