While Iím writing these lines, I soon will exceed 700 visitors on my Web site.
Following many files and archive which were sent to me, I decided to upgrade the Web site completely by adding a lot of pictures, documents and texts for a 2.0 version.
But I will need help from you, readers, to be able to reach this goal.
I thus pass this advertisement: if you have files relating these races and information about associations and clubs below (or other races in Morocco ), you would be so kind to find an agreement for showing them? Thank you in advance and I hope thereafter, our Web site will have success:

CIRCUITS                                          RALLYES                                          ASSOCIATIONS                                                              
circuit du Maroc                                  rallye du Maroc                                 Racer Club
circuit d'Anfa                                       rallye des thermes                             Royal Automobile Club du Maroc
circuit d'Ain-Diab                                rallye des barrages                            Association des pilotes de course de Casablanca
circuit de la corniche                           rallye d'Aguelmous                            Ecurie Gazelle
circuit de Fes                                       rallye de Tazerkount                          Ecurie Chevreuil
circuit de Taza                                     rallye de Cap Spartel                         Ecurie Nord Maroc
circuit de Marrakech                          rallye de Korifla                                 Ecurie Koutoubia
circuit de Rabat                                   rallye de Ben Slimane                       Club Auto du Tadla
circuit de d'Agadir                               rallye de l'Atlas                                  Motor club Sefrou
circuit d'El Jadida                                rallye d'hiver                                      Ecurie Devisse                                                           
circuit de Khouribga                                                                                        Ecurie Atlas
circuit de Mohammedia
circuit de Meknes
circuit de Kenitra